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First obedience class WOW!

Well Darius and I went to our first obedience class tonight. I did not realize I have been doing things wrong! I guess I thought I was doing a good thing by teaching him to sit, however I was teaching him WRONG! I never knew there was a wrong way but now I know!
I was getting him to sit backing up and I should have been teaching him to come forward into a sit. I now need to fix it!
I also can not get him to keep paying attention to me! He will stay fairly in the right place but he will not keep looking at me.
My fingers are raw from puppy teeth! I need better treats! Any recommendations?
He did a really great sit stay with me at the end of the leash!
I am happy to be getting him out and training with him but boy I feel terrible teaching him the wrong way for the last 2 weeks.
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