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I think I fudged up! 8wk old pup in Parvo house...HELP PLEASE!

Ok, First off let me tell you a little history.

Last May my wife and I picked up a German Shepherd mix from a pup rescue, brought her home and 3 days later she started to get lethargic and throwing up. I took her to the vet and found out she had parvo. Had her on on fluids, antibiotics during the day, and brought her home during the night to try and feed her orally. After about 3 days of going back and forth and the bills adding up. The rescue place told us they would try to save her. We gave them her back and she ended up passing within the next 2 days. Sadly, she got the parvo even before he received her from the local pound.

So fast forward 10 months. I have a buddy of mine who has two GSDs who need homes. I quickly jump on the opportunity to get a pup. 7 Weeks old. Not knowing how long PARVO actually lasts in the area (I was told 7 months!). So once I get her I put her in my den. Just because I have the room in the den.

I do some follow up on Parvo just to be safe because Ive heard it can last up to 5 years! WTF! So ive been debating on keeping her in the den and only carrying her out and not letting her touch the places the other dog has been. Luckily we didnt let the other dog roam free throughout the house. Only in the family/ living room mainly and a few times on the carpet. The only real safe place is in the den. But having this dog a week I know that I CANNOT board her in a den for much longer as she is full of energy and needs to get out.

Before you ask. I have no other place to bring this pup. Im currently working some of my friends to let me board them at their house but that isnt working to well. But imma keep trying.

In the mean time I need to get some stuff done incase I cant find a boarding place. I have done a mixture of 1:30 (bleach/water) cups. In a bucket and am going to wipe down my laminate. Has anyone done this before and will it mess up my floors? ...Any suggestions?

Please only looking for suggestions to help with the parvo around the house. No bashing pls!
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