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Is GSD right for our new house? Fence/Baby questions

My husband and I just closed on a new home - our first single family house! We finally have a private fenced-in yard and are excited to be able to get a dog. We have family friends that are GSD breeders and are offering us a puppy (either male or female) for a great price. Neither of us have experience with GSDs, but we know they can be great dogs.

We have two main issues/questions:
1. Our new fence is shorter, about 3'9" high. We worry that a GSD would be able climb/jump over it if motivated. Our friend/breeder said that if trained property, the GSD should be trusted not to do that. Is that true? Is this something we need to worry about?
2. My husband and I are trying to get pregnant, so hopefully in the next year or so we'll have a baby. Are GSDs good with babies if trained properly? We have several friends and family members with small children, so we hope to be able to socialize the dog with them. Would this prepare a GSD for a newborn?

If we did decide to get a GSD, would you recommend a male or female? We've heard that females can be more on the docile side--is that true?

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