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The dog is wired wrong.

Unless you are willing and able to properly crate or kennel him, and I mean LOCK so children CANNOT get to him. Then, do the kind thing and take him to the vet and have him euthanized.

No other child should ever be subjected to an attack by this dog.

I am sorry, but no rescue will work with such a dog. And no shelter will do anything with him but euthanize him. It is far kinder to go and be with him that to throw him into a kennel where he will be dragged along by strangers to the room and have it done.

I think it would be wrong to rehome this dog to anyone. While you may be totally clear and open with his history and why you are rehoming him, those people may not be. And then another child is attacked. This is very bad for the breed and dog owners everywhere.

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