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I appreciate the responses, and as I mentioned but want to reiterate as to not get on the bad side of anyone, I am not in my post saying I am against the collar itself as a general tool. I understand the uses in more difficult dogs, and even in general training I can see the advantages of having a way to push away unwanted behavior.

My question was more about the class itself, which you have all responded to and I appreciate. Just wanted to be absolutely clear on this.

Thank you again for the responses. I feel better about taking him out of the class, what made me unsure is when I started looking for other classes in the Indianapolis area, quite a few of the more serious trainers seemed to use choke or prong collars in their training, regardless of dog temperament, and that got me wondering if I was the problem when it came to this last class. I think I might just need to go see some classes at the other training sites.
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