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Smile Flip Finish V2

I just read thru the discussion of whether to use the traditional or flip finish. Rather than hijack the other thread I started a new one. I haven't a clue on how to do this especially from the point of correcting the dog to get closer. I have worked with food in my left hand, holding the ball behind my back to keep him at a correct position and using a wall to get him closer to me from the Fuss call when he is facing me. None of which are when we are moving all are in a stationary position.
I guess that the most important thing now is to get him to correct his position at my side while stationary. Then add in my rotation to my right and have him correct and finally the flip when moving or as required.
I have searched you tube, talked with one of my trainers and people who have trained their dogs where we work out.. I am really opened to suggestions, thanks for your input or direction to a URL

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