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Originally Posted by mego View Post
vocal like the husky? gsds are pretty bad too, so you are going to have one noisy pup :P

He's cute and enjoy him!!!!
Yeah, and my 2 huskies are actually very quiet, minus the occasional low, deep howling when they greet me after work. I can keep my huskies outside all day and they don't make any noise, even when dogs are being walked by, etc. It's my GSD that barks and stays indoors unless supervised. She wants to guard us from everything: the wind, grass, trees, squirrels, birds, other dogs, ghosts, etc. Haha. None of which are real threats. We joke that she can't last outside for more than 5 minutes without barking at something/anything. We've done all sorts of training, hired professional behaviorists, etc. She's gotten a lot better in our new house with the 6 ft privacy fence. In OR we had a chainlink fence and dogs on both sides of us that would be left out to run the fence with our dogs.
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