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Aging supplements?

Rottie board is a bust thus far so Im posting this here even though its a Rottie question....

New dog to me. 5 yrs old. Rottweiler. Overweight but losing it fast. Currently eating SD large breed kibble but I am going to switch her over to raw as soon as this bag is mostly gone.

She's got some front end soreness happening when she first wakes up in the morning. Left front leg. I think it's her foot (I suspect her pads just from being on pavement all of the sudden after 5 yrs of a sedentary life) But she doesn't seem to react at all to poking and prodding and I cant actually find anything wrong. Im fairly sure Ive just over-done her exercise so she's getting a few days off but it's also got me thinking about joint supplements for aging and such.

Glucosamine etc. Since Raw doesn't come with any built in vitamins and supplements (Ive never fed raw before!) is it prudent, given her age, to start adding joint supplements and such?

Does anyone think they help?
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