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Skin/anxiety issues... vent ahead!

I was on a work assignment that involved travel, so for the past five months, my parents were watching my GSD mix, Sora. I brought him home last Friday to discover that he had TONS of skin issues. I don't claim to be a vet/expert, but it seems to be yeast. He has black, scaly patches in his armpits and groin area. He also has inflamed/red skin inbetween his 'toes.' I noticed that his ears were gunky, too. My parents had basically been feeding him a plethora of human food. Well, I cut out the human food ASAP. I put him on a grain-free kibble with no potatoes/chicken (Canine Caviar Wilderness ALS) mixed in with some Tripett & Jarrow Pet Dophilus. I also gave him a bath with anti-fungal shampoo, and cleaned out his ears with K-9 Ear Solutions.

Anyway, I got home yesterday after staying at work longer than expected. I brought him outside to play fetch for about an hour. When I brought him back inside, I noticed that his paws were bloody. My first inclination was that the snow/ice ripped up his paw pads, but upon closer inspection, he actually gnawed his legs and paws bloody (and I think the snow agitated the wounds open.) I also discovered that he chewed the very tip of his tail completely raw/bloody. Well, I popped him in the bath and cleaned him up... applied some Septi-soothe to his wounds, and gave him a Rx antihistamine because he was itching like CRAZY. I spent the rest of the night trying to deter him from scratching and biting himself.

Anyway, I know a vet trip is in order (I texted our vet tech last night some pictures of his wounds, and she thinks it might be allergies and stress from his routine changing.) I just feel so awful. I keep in touch with his littermates, and none of them seem to have the skin issues he does. I'm also concerned that it's anxiety manifesting itself, too. When he was with my parents, someone was home with him 24/7. Now that he's back with me, he's alone for 8 hours a day. I exercise him before and after work. His crate is in my bedroom. I have tried to keep him on a very solid routine for the past week to help him acclimate.

I am just frustrated. I feel like I'm botching this somehow and making things worse! Thanks for letting me vent... if I only I could slip some Kahlua into my coffee this morning.
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