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Skin problem, white powdery ears

Hi everyone, haven't been here in a while. For 3 weeks now my dog has itchy skin. She is two years old, and is on Blue Buffelo, she has been on it all her life, her poop is good, no vomiting. She eats well and plays like nothing bothers her. She has red spots on hear ears and white powdery substance on the tip of her ears, if you rub it with your fingers the powder will come off. She is scratching herself a lot, all over the body.she seems to have dry skin thats what the vet said anyway... I took her to the vet last week and they think it could be ear mites. Considering that 75% of the time earmites are not detected when testing, the vet prescribed Revolution-topical treatment. It takes 6 weeks for the treated to be completed. If it doesn't help the vet wants to start allergy testing. I remember my dog having similar problem (except no powdery substance on her ears) last spring, and it went away on its own. My question is what to do in the meantime? I left the vet feeling like my dog got no help and she is in the same condition as she was last week. If I go back to the vet they will just tell me to finish the treatment. How can I help her?
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