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My 8.5 year old GSD is sick. Please help

About 4 weeks ago my 8.5 year old GSD Mariah came up with a limp one evening on a walk. I assumed she pulled something and the limp would go away in a few days. Unfortunately the limp got worse and she started to suffer from other symtpoms. She was lethargic, seemed depressed, wasn't eating and it appeared that all of her legs were getting weaker.I took her to the vet and they did bloodwork which revealed she had anaplasmosis although the rest of her bloodwork came back fine. The vet gave me amoxicillin for the anaplasma and rymadol for her leg pain. He told me it'd clear up in a few days but it didn't, the limping became worse. I took her back to the vet who noticed her front legs were unusually swollen. The vet did x rays on both front legs and broke the most heart breaking news... the left front leg looked like it was developing osteosarcoma. I originally took her back to the vet because I didn't think the anaplasma was clearing up and I wanted stronger medicine than amoxicillin. The vet prescribed menocyline for the anaplasma which she's been on now for 6 days. In the meantime, the vet sent the x rays to the University of Pennsylvania veterinary school for a second opinion. I've yet to hear back regarding the x rays... my vet keeps following up but the UPENN doctor sent the x rays to a bone specialist and has yet to hear back.

My main questions are A) will the anaplasma take awhile to cure and will it cause severe arthritis like symptoms? 4 weeks ago Mariah is running and playing fine, showing absolutely no signs of pain. She had a full appetite as well.

And B) if she does have osteosarcoma, will it effect her entire body causing stiffness in all legs, lack of appetite, and lethargy?

It's so heartbreaking to see Mariah in her current state. She lies down all day, only getting up when I help her up to eat or go outside. She was such an active dog and it really confuses me how she's gone downhill so fast within a month. I know she's getting up there in age but she was in great shape, had plenty of exercise and ate well.

Has anyone experienced anaplasmosis and osteosarcoma and similar symptoms with their GSD?
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