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Default Flip Finish vs Traditional finish

I'm at a crossroad right now debating on the flip vs. traditional finish.

Before I started to train at home I had asked my TD on how to do the flip and he had suggested I do the traditional finish (where the dog goes around you into the basic position) because he feels my dog will be large and its easier to teach. So thats what we've been working on. My dog is 11months old just over 62" and 73lbs as a point of reference. I feel he's pretty agile and there hasn't been anythign thats stonewalled us obediance yet to be able to teach the flip.

I really like how the flip looks, but I don't want to go against my TD especially since this is my first schutzhund dog.

Do you feel the flip apears sexier and bumps up the scores when trialing?

What would you do in my spot?
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