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I started this thread in response to another thread that has been clouded and become embroiled in opinion and strong emotion.
I want educational facts here.

I ask for a couple of reasons. One being many years ago, I had to emergency spay two females as one bred with her brother because I thought she was no longer in heat when she stopped bleeding. It was before I had a computer(long, long time ago).

Now I have a 1 year old intact female that I believe has not had her first heat. I have absolutely no plan to ever breed her. However, I am waiting to spy here as it has been recommended her and other places that it is better for her growth and maturity.

I go to dog a dog park. When I arrive and when others arrive I always ask the sex of their dog and if it is intact or not. I try my best to keep a close eye on all interactions.
But to have those with more experience tell subtle warning signs would so very helpful.

Thanks in advance!

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