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Training - Take Two

Remember this thread from a few months ago?

I Tried To Give Him Away

Tuesday, I decided to repeat the beginning obedience class. Varik is 11 months old now. I am using his prong which I hate (this particular collar..going to order a new one). He did 1 million times better than he did at 5 months. He listened (although he did keep his head turned away a good bit checking out everybody and everything). He would focus when asked; he would down when asked. His about turns were great. His heels were pretty good for him with little adjustment needed. Believe me, he has eaten my lunch but I feel like we're making a bit of headway. He is taking another dog training class at a difference facility as well that is also a basic class just for the distraction aspect and the oddity of it (it's a college course that is held inside Gander Mountain of all things).

I can say that he is probably the most stable dog at his Gander Mountain class. He still would LOVE to be able to play with the dogs, but he doesn't push it when I tell him it ain't happening.

Oh and one other thing. If someone could explain it to me. Why is he such a crazy person greeting people at home and so calm out in public?? The end result is the same at both places. Once he has greeted them (nicely out in public .. and like a turkey with many aborted attempts as I require him to keep 4 on the floor and him almost not being able to contain himself at home or my mother's house), he really doesn't care that much for them after that. He likes to greet and then he gazes off into space to see if there is something more interesting happening.

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