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Default I would not believe this if I had not seen it

Tracking seemed to be the closest topic for this but it is not about formal tracking but following a ground track.

I was playing fetch with Beau this am.

Our backyard is on a hill going down from the house to a creek and I normally throw to the west side of the yard but due to a secondary fence he has to run to the east side to get through a gate.

Anyway he visually marked the throw as normal but then when he was running away from me (to the east) the ball rolled down the hill a pretty good distance from where it landed. It was nowhere near where it normally lands.

He was full bore ahead going to the visual location when he crossed the track, came to a screeching halt, put his head down, and trailed the ball down the hill. (normally the ball bounces and he winds up casting for it and air scents to locate it; the visual mark is not so good because he has to run east to run west so he always has to hunt for it when he gets there).

I just thought the definitive head snap and following the trail of something as light as a ball on its first throw of the day was fascinating (no fresh slobber plus it was sitting in the chuck-it all night so not much of my odor either).

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