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Default Rude Old Guy: just venting

Yesterday an old man (could hear it by his voice) called. When I answered the first thing he said was,"Are you the dog training lady?" "Yes, I am!"
I have a GSD and she needs training". So we talked a short while and then he said,"here's my wife cause I can't hear well". Sweetest lady.
So she and I talked. They got a 12 week old pup from "some guy in town". Made an appointment for tomorrow. This morning the old man called and the first thing he said,"It's gonna rain and I don't want to stand in the rain for two hours. I am 86 years old!" I asked him how he wanted to raise a GSD if it rains here 9 months out of the year. I explained that we weren't going to stand in the rain for two hours but also needed a conversation about training his puppy and his goals for her. Then he got upset. "I am gonna pay you $ xxxx for this? I want results!" Then he hung up. I was glad he canceled but was very sorry for his puppy. I hope I see her on CL soon so I can get her and hope he won't recognize me.
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