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Go somewhere else...seriously.

Sorry, daughter wants the dog right now doesn't matter. It's a 10+ year commitment, she can wait a month or two more.

If she's into agility, I'm assuming you're looking at the breeds that are good at agility...those breeds aren't rare and you should easily be able to find another solid breeder in your area that has puppies or will have puppies soon. You're not really in the most unpopulated area in the world...

And is the bad eggs that give the rest of you the bad reputation. But as a breeder, you have to protect your dogs. And if this is a good breeder...they shouldn't have any problem finding another home that they believe is better than yours for their dog. Sadly, the good breeders are in no shortage of demand for their dogs, they definitely have plenty of choices on who to sell their dogs to.
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