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I understand the titling and training is $$$ That is why I told her upfront that I could not promise the dog would get titled. I explained to her that the dog would in essence be my daughters bestest friend and go about doing everything my daughter does and just have fun and we would do our best to title him. She was fine with this and thus the selling as a "pet possible show" as opposed to the extra $400 he would cost if he were a "show dog"
All was well until I mentioned military. Part of the reason I never tried to get her a dog before was because of the military but we are in a position now that we are stable enough to get dogs. I explained this to her.
Like I said, I am just frustrated! But partially not because I didn't want a puppy from this breeder in the first place, they are really a "show" line and I want more of a "working" line for my daughter because these dogs have a lot of the same problems GSDs do and she wants to do some hard playing with her dog, I feel it would be better for her to have a working line. She wants a puppy ASAP and felt these would be great! I have no proof that show lines wont be as good I just have opinions!
I just didn't think it was very nice to get her all excited and then deny her because of her Dad serving the country! She has a hard enough time as it is not seeing her Dad half the year, now some people wont sell her a dog she so desperately wants because of it!
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