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Originally Posted by SARpup View Post
Yes I understand, I am just venting.
My daughter has her heart set on the other breed, she has wanted one for years and we are finally settled enough that I felt okay getting one. The GSD puppy was a spur of the moment decision, he is a rescue.
She has been doing agility with a trainer for a few months now and has been working the trainers dog, I wanted to make sure she was committed before getting her a dog. She started handling class yesterday with some professional handlers/trainers and has been attending any shows I will take her to.
I completely understand the breeder has the right to put the dog where they feel most comfortable I just got frustrated after all that that the co breeder wont sell to military.
I hear ya The military bias stinks (been there)... a few bad apples always seem to ruin it for the responsible families.

It sounds like your daughter is off to a great start, I hope she has fun! She can still do agility classes, etc with your pup. Having two pups at once is an unholy nightmare, though. It sounds as though the co-owner may (misguidedly) be saying the military aspect is her main concern, when it's your financial situation/having another puppy/etc- things that are a little more "sensitive" that she doesn't want to outright say.
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