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Originally Posted by SARpup View Post
Now her co owner of the littler doesn't want to sell to us because we are military and what if we have to move and can't take the dog and what if it needs and emergency operation to save its life and we can't afford to do it.
I kind of understand and those are both valid points BUT isn't that MY problem? Shouldn't I be the one that determines if getting a puppy is right for me?
Maybe I am totally wrong and they are right I shouldn't have a dog!
Anybody in CA want a 13 week old GSD puppy?!
Sadly, all of the things the co-breeder brought up are true in some respect. Breeders care about their dogs and their puppies, and if she does end up needing some emergency vet care and you can't afford it so you just let the dog pass even though it could survive and live a full and healthy's kind of an avoidable problem if you do just sell that dog to someone that won't be as cash strapped.

It's not that you don't deserve a dog, but they have the right to sell to who they want and its not wrong to be a little worried when someone has problems paying for the upfront price of the dog. On top of that price, you realize there is probably a good $300-$400 of vetting in the first few months as well.

We've had a few military families that had to rehome dogs within months either due to finances or because they got moved to a base that doesn't allow dogs or finances got tight.

Just a warning...dogs are way more expensive than you can imagine.

Titling/training will cost a lot. A weekend of trialing will run you $80 minimum.
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