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Does schutzund really make dogs meaner?

If a dog doesn't want to do it what do you do?
We do something else. Besides Schutzhund I actively do flyball, nosework, and fun stuff (little training) like lure coursing and dock diving. I've also titled dogs in agility and rally obedience, and I have a dog that has zero desire to do anything but laze about the house and love on people so he does nothing but that and is my heart dog.

What if dogs fail? What becomes of dogs that fail?
Depends on why the dog failed. Most times as long as the dog enjoys the training we just keep training and improving ourselves.

What are the benefits and cons of schutzund?
Benefits: dogs love it, utilizes their natural drives, something for me to do (like to meet new people and have dogs in common), gives me a goal, works a dog physically and mentally, gets me out of doors and working outside my comfort zone, helps bond with the dog. Cons: can be expensive as far as traveling to good training, difficult if not impossible to do much at home (need enough space, tracking grounds, equipment, and helperwork for protection).

Have dogs in schutzund ever hurt people including children or other dogs?

Yes, dogs of any breed, type, or training have "hurt people" unfortunately.

What do you say to people who misunderstand this sport? Why do people misunderstand or misinterpret it?
Not much, usually. People can think what they want, I don't have anything to prove or time to try to convince them they are misinformed. I actually think it is more misunderstood by other dog and GSD people than the general public. When my family and friends ask about it, they tend to think it's pretty cool.

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