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Is this breeder right?

So I have been talking to a breeder about a dog for my daughter, not a GSD. She wants to show in confirmation and then later agility. But she is a teenager and may very well outgrow that desire! Plus I do not know how expensive it is to show and title a confirmation dog!
This breeder has nice dogs and takes pride in her lines. I know she wants her dogs titled. I was upfront with her and said I could not promise that and gave her my reasons. She seemed okay with selling as a pet possible show home.
We talked of payment and the pet dog would be $1800. She wants the dog to leave soon because all of his litter mates are leaving this weekend I guess. I explained I could not pay the entire sum right now and would have to make payments, she might be okay with that, how about I put it on a CC? I can AFTER my tax return comes through in the next week or so. But not by this weekend.
Hubby is military and we get paid Friday I could put a deposit down on him and pay the balance when the tax return comes. Then travel the 6 hours to come get him.
Now her co owner of the littler doesn't want to sell to us because we are military and what if we have to move and can't take the dog and what if it needs and emergency operation to save its life and we can't afford to do it.
I kind of understand and those are both valid points BUT isn't that MY problem? Shouldn't I be the one that determines if getting a puppy is right for me?
Maybe I am totally wrong and they are right I shouldn't have a dog!
Anybody in CA want a 13 week old GSD puppy?!
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