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GSD Mix?

This wonderful little guy was a surrender at a local animal shelter. Luckily they have gone away from putting their animals to sleep. The wonderful people at the shelter told me he was 8 weeks old. He still has all of his baby teeth and his testicles haven't dropped (I think this the right term). I was there for my mother in law who was picking out a new dog after her's died of old age. But this little guy "trust" jumped in to my arms and I haven't been able to let him go since. Since he was an adoption from the shelter he HAD to be neutered. He is so small that they didn't even use stitches. Anyway back to what I was going to ask.
They said he is a GSD mix. He is supposedly 2 months and he is 4 pounds 11 ounces. They told me it would be hard to tell what he actually is unless I did a DNA test but I wanted to get an opinion from all of you that have GSD's in your household.
He is very loyal, stays right under my feet no matter where I go and he is already starting to go outside and tell me when he needs to go. He will go outside, come in, sleep, play for about 10 minutes, go back outside and then we just repeat that process. I love this little man, but I want to make sure I'm feeding him right for the right breed. Puppy Chow from Purina is what I'm using now. I have a cat so this will be my first little experiment on this side of the spectrum. By the way, my cat loves him.

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