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Bark Collar vs Idiots.

We have a bark collar with the remote control, it was given to us and its been sitting on the fridge un touched for about a month now, a few days ago my fiance and i packed up the gang and decided to take them on a long hike leaving his kids 14 and 12 at home (which is not un common for them)..anyways, we get home to find them on the floor rolling around in hysterics (laughing) and the 12 year old is holding his i phone going "omg you gotta watch this vid" , so i start watching it and there is the 14 year old wearing the bark collar and standing at the top of the stairs, well the words "yo you owe me that oh henry" come out of his mouth and the 12 year old cranks the remote control to 8 and presses the shock button and the older one gets blown clean down the stairs, due to the shock of being shocked so hard, he hit the door and burst out laughing. I cant even begin to describe how mad i was that they actually decided wearing the shock collar was a good idea, and i cant believe im going to have to start hiding it. They thought it was the funniest thing going though. I gotta tell ya the video footage of the whole thing had me in the bathroom secretly laughing my butt off.
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