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Puppy only wants to play inside!

So Darius has been with us for 2 weeks now and IMO he is a lucky puppy! He came from being chained up outside on the cement to being an indoor with the family puppy. He stole all the cats toys after about the 4th day, gets fed 3 times a day, sleeps in a crate by my bed, goes on walks, goes to play, and will be starting OB class tomorrow.
I have been working outside the last few days trying to get the yard in a nice shape. I need to cut out these giant tree weeds and pull out some other dumb plants and get the whole place ready for grass and proper landscape. I have had Darius outside with me because that is where I am. It is not too hot or too cold, he has access to water out there and I bring a bunch of toys. He doesn't want to play when we are outside! I had him out this morning when I wasn't working just brought him out to potty so I tried to play with him, tried throwing his toys for him, he halfheartedly chases them but wont really play. then when I cam inside he wanted to plaaaaay!
How do I get him to want to play outside where there is more room to run?
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