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She's young, she's just being reactive (not aggressive) because something about the dog/the situation set her off.

Instead of asking her to never acknowledge the other dog and always look at you, in my classes we teach LAT (look at that) training with great success.

She sees a dog? She gets a mark/treat. Dogs eventually become a cue to look at you for further direction and a positive experience. DON'T correct a dog for barking at another dog or you are teaching "Wow, my owner gets really mad when I see other dogs and sometimes it hurts, I must be right in barking at them to get them to go away because they're bad."

My GSD was reactive from about 8mos to a year old. We worked with this training religiously, and now he is the demo dog for my classes and can easily walk through a huge crowd of dogs without glancing twice at them.

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