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Water bowl dilemma solved!

When preparing to bring home the new puppy, I purchased a set of beautiful black and white crock dog dishes that match my dishes. However, Mystique's favorite activity is putting her paw in the water dish and sliding (flinging) it across the floor. After constantly mopping up water, I started putting just a little bit of water in the dish. Of course, I then have to constantly give her water.

Saturday night I heard her playing with the dish and all of the sudden a loud CRASH! She had slammed the dish into the food bowl and shattered it. She wasn't hurt, thank goodness so I made a quick trip to Walmart and bought a pair of no skid dishes.

OK, so now instead of sliding it, she's tipping it and carrying it around.

I then searched on line and found a really pretty wrought iron dog dish holder that mounts on the wall. Genius! The $80 price tag is a bit much imho, so I decided to put my "McGyver" talents to use and come up with my own version. (Anyone remember that show? )

First up, I ordered some bowls that hang in a crate. Next, find something to hang them on. I have the largest wire crate for Mystique and it came with a divider. Not using it so thought that might work out.

The wire divider wasn't big enough to hang on the wall with screws to hit the studs, and since I didn't want to put holes in the wall until I knew this would work, I decided to give the command hooks a try. These are the things that people use to hang Christmas decorations and pictures.

It seems to be working well. I'll even be able to raise the bowls as she added benefit! It's a little flimsy so I will secure it the wall more firmly now that I know it will work. I can actually give her a full bowl of water and not be mopping it up! Yay!

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