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Puppy-ness? Or what did I do wrong?

Hello. would love some insight here from people who know what they're talking about & doing!

Is it too late to socialize our 5 month old GSD female? And if it's not... What are some ways to socialize her properly?
She has been in puppy classes/obedience training since the age of 10 weeks. She has been around several other dogs in class & a little bit of out of class. Her barking at other dogs probably started a month or 2 ago. She doesn't so much bark at dogs in her's out if class... Dogs she doesn't see on a regular basis. When we go to the pet store & she sees another dog, bigger or smaller.... She's been known to LET LOOSE!! She isn't playfully's hard to tell what "type" of bark it is... But it's definitely not the playful bark. How do I break this? We have tried a clicker to get her attention & it works enough for us to get her attention @ which point we try to get her to be "quiet" or tell her "enough". Then she's back at it.... Where did I go wrong & can I fix it?

On another note... Out of curiosity... How many people have GSD's that LOVE the water?

Thanks in advance...

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