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Default green dog training in clubs

When you are a member of a club does the club allow you to train a co-own or a dog that may not belong to you?
If you are working a dog or starting a green dog for a kennel and aren't the owner, would they take your dues(fees) into consideration if you aren't part of the "breeders program" involved in the club? Many people want green dogs, but how many clubs want the burden of their members working dogs that aren't permanent?
Is there any retribution or angst due to the fact that you may be taking up valuable club time working dogs that you may be profitting from? Most often green dogs are sold for profit(but that price inflation is fair due to the training invested)
I know pay to trains are open for this, but clubs...why would they want to lose valuable time working dogs if the handler is running a business(so to speak).

Where else can green dogs get a decent foundation other than a trainers business~which is usually more agenda driven?
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