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Hello everyone,

I want to microchip my 2 dogs and need advice on which company to use. I googled microchipping and it returned with several results, including HomeAgain and AKC reunite, to name a few. I noticed homeagain charges an annual fee, and from what I have heard that is not necessary. Any tips or advice where to purchase them? I also noticed they come in different kHz frequencies. Im not familiar with this, so if anyone could explain what the normal kHz is? I plan to administer the microchip myself. I vaccinate my own dogs, and am very comfortable with doing the injection myself. Any help would be GREATLY appreciated. My pups usually wear collars but sometimes I take them off when theyre jiggling around at night and keeping me up, and I dont always put them back on right away. They do it on purpose to wake me up, I swear! But yeah, I would feel much more comfortable having them microchipped. Thank you in advance!
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