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Impossible to keep my pup sedated...

Hello all,

My Zeus was fixed yesterday at 14 month. Several reasons that it was the right time to do it and one of them was that we needed to have umbilical hernia repaired, it was on the larger side.

Everything went well.

Question one: Any other option than this awful cone of destruction??? I have more cuts from this cone than I did from teething puppy. It also bends his ears and I tried the largest round tube collar from petsmart with no luck, he can reach just fine because of his long muzzle.

Question two: He got home from surgery and wanted to go outside and play ball........ or hose... are you kidding me? They said he would not eat for a day or two, yeah right he came home and he was like FEED ME NOW I HAVE NOT ATE SINCE YESTERDAY! They gave him tremadol and ace, well temadol is doing a good job with pain, so good that he is way too active and ace is doing absolutely nothing to sedate him. I am trying to keep him penned or crated but that awful cone is so huge! we have the largest crate and he can't turn around. I have no idea how we are going to do this for 10 days.

Anyone els had a dog after major surgery or minor I guess and how in the world do you keep them from making a sudden jump or burst into running. Yep on leash...

Thank you all!

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