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Originally Posted by LTParis View Post
That is something I really would not want to do. Despite my frustrations I do love him.

And I would not get a refund, so we would be out thousands (he is a pure bred from the Czech working lines).
So, you wanted a police-dog? A protection-dog? A sheep-herding dog -- one that is going to be out with the sheep 14-16 hours per day, running, herding, working?

And you have a grand 45 minutes a day for training/exercise?

The dog should not live in crate lying in pee and pooping in there because you were not prepared for a puppy.

I think you should give it up, or totally change your outlook.

Your puppy is NORMAL. Puppies are not easy. They need time. Lots of time. The dog needs to be out of that crate. It needs to interact with you for hours a day. All evening long it should be out chewing on your leg, playing tug, playing with toys, chasing the ball, and curled up next to your side.

You need to be taking this puppy out frequently. There is no other way to house train him. Leaving him in his crate is abusive. You need to find a different solution.

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