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Default anal gland infection, any way to help relieve?

Lara's anal gland infection is still here, been here for a few weeks.

She finished 10 days of Clavamox and, no avail, the infection remained.

Yesterday our vet prescribed 10 days of Baytril - he said it was stronger.

Anyway..we are hoping that clears it up. i've noticed her licking has decreased because she is sick of me saying no and pulling her face away from her butt every time she tries, but some of the discharge is leaking out of her anal gland and it seems quite swollen.

I want to clean her but it's tender to the touch and she cringes when I try to wipe her off with cleansing wipes. It's getting a little gross to worry about getting anal gland fluid on my couch, I've thought about putting on her heat panties so she stays away from it and I don't have to worry.

(edit I forgot to add that it's not an open wound so there is no raw skin, the only way I noticed this was seeing a few drops of blood on her poop every now and then and increased licking)

Do you think warm towel compresses will help her? It didn't start leaking on its own until yesterday. She doesn't seem to be too bothered by it unless I'm touching it or lifting up her tail, but I really think it should be clean to heal.
Lara (12/14/2012) CGC

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