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Default Food allergy results.. help with foods/brands..

So we got Titan's food allergy panel back. He is very allergic to rice and turkey and moderately allergic to eggs, venison, and salmon... might explain the itching since he's on Fromm: Surf and Turf.. which is essentially salmon and chicken. Anyways, no reaction to beef, lamb, chicken, etc.

I have been researching more foods.. who the heck knew that egg and turkey are super popular ingredients in foods. lol.. that and rice..

I am trying to stick with a grain free diet if possible. None of the Fromm's work.. which is a bummer, I love the brand.

Right now I am looking at Diamond Beef and Sweet Potato and Blue Basics lamb and Potato..

Grain Free Beef & Sweet Potato Dog Food

BLUE Basics Grain Free Large Breed Lamb dog food, a limited ingredient diet

Suggestions and recommendation are very welcome

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