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Originally Posted by Lilie View Post
Put him in your bubble. What things do you like to do? What places do you go that you'd like your dog to go with you? If you didn't have a dog, would you go to the dog park? If you like to go to parks and hike, take your dog there. If you like to go to the beach, take your dog there.
haha that's my problem. I don't go anywhere or do anything. I clean house, I play with my dogs on our 5 acres, I read books, I am on my computer. I go grocery shopping (don't take dogs). To doctors appointments (again don't take dogs), I volunteer at the Safe Haven (don't usually take dogs) sometimes I do, but he was born there so its not out of his comfort zone. We go out to dinner maybe once or twice a week (don't take dogs). In the summer we occasionally go exploring (hiking) type stuff on weekends and sometimes we take dogs but not into places where there are people. Basically we are very boring people.
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