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Show Line Breeding with Kirschental dogs

Does anyone know anything about the pedigrees/lines of these two dogs -
Bara von der Sandsteinkust and Java vom Kirschental?

I've done a little research on the Kirschental lines and like that, while they have the looks of WGSL dogs, they were all actively involved in herding, and the fact that the Kirschental Kennels has been breeding dogs for 50 years. I've also read somewhere that Kirschental dogs have the reputation for being somewhat handler sensitive, but do have a strong desire to please their handler.

However, I know almost nothing about the various GSD bloodlines and would love to get the input of breeders and others who know far more about this than me.

I did get to meet both of these dogs and a 4 month old puppy from a prior paring of these two dogs and was impressed by their calm demeanor (although I suspect that none of these dogs possess over the top drives).
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