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Originally Posted by carmspack View Post
first of all you treat below the threshold , not on top or over because then you inadvertently rewarding the wrong place in his mind.

Could you clarify? What is treat below the threshold? Do I tell them not to give him treats?

you should care about a social dog because that is what makes him safe and confident in a variety of environments. It is not always about the initial response , but the recovery and resilience .

Ok now my turn to clarify. I worded that poorly its not that I don't care, its that I don't normally put dogs in situations where they have to be social. I don't take dogs to dog parks, or around places where there are a lot of people or animals. They need to be social only with people I'm social with (which isn't very many).

You don't want him inhibited . Being social does not mean being a social butterfly, all fellows well met, heart on sleeve dog . That is contrary to what a good GSD should be.

just keep on going places and you be relaxed .
How do I react when he barks or growls. Do I correct or ignore?
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