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Breeder Suggestions please!!

Hello- I, too, am looking into purchasing a pup from Windy Acres Shepherds and am looking to possibly talk with someone whom has previously purchased a puppy from this breeder. I unfortunately ended up purchasing a dog from another breeder without doing a whole lot of homework and he ended up getting sick. My boy, Frankie, was only two when I had to put him down because of Immune Mediated Thrombocytopenia. Nobody knows if it is genetically passed down or if it was triggered by immunizations, etc. So I cannot necessarily blame the breeder, but at the same time, I cannot count her out as the reason. I obviously was completely heartbroken to lose him at a young age and I, of course, want to prevent that in the future. If anyone could give me any advise on this breeder or recommend one to me, that would be great. I have found bad reviews on pretty much every breeder that I have looked into and I have had some trouble deciding on one. I am looking for a large, red and black male with a medium drive. I am looking for a guy who has an on/off switch as I intend on putting him through numerous obedience classes, though I want him to be laid back when it's time to unwind. We are looking to get a pup sometime mid/late summer and I am wanting to spend no more than $1,800. Help please!! haha.
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