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Originally Posted by Mister C View Post
I love Rots. They can be really sweet dogs.

I haven't owned one but a friend/neighbor had a Rottie named Sophie. I walked my shepherd with Sophie for 12 years and got to know her pretty well. I also watched Sophie for a few days while her owner was on vacation.

From my experience, Rotties are very physically affectionate--much more so than a GSD. They will definitely follow you around and want to be in physical contact with you. They are leaners big time.

While I loved Sophie she had her issues. Besides her owner I was just about the only man she liked. She was also aggressive with small dogs and even puppies--very high prey drive. She would also eat just about anything and was constantly puking up sticks and wood chips.

Sophie crossed the bridge a few months ago. My friend just imported a Rottie pup a few days ago from Belgium. Here she is. Her name is Tootsie and she is 10 weeks old in the pic. As you can see, Tootsie is already leaning on her people. She crashed out on my foot for about 20 minutes while I chatted with her owner.

Good luck with Beanie and keep us posted. I'd keep up on the exercise and put her through some obedience training.

She doesn't eat much actually. Im going to switch her over to a raw diet (or I hope to) she's currently on SD large breed kibble.

Good to know about the leaning thing. Wasn't sure if her need to be with me/on me/around me all the time was just an insecurity thing since her whole life is now new but I guess it's a rottie thing.
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