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After all my puppy homework I acquired a 5 yr old Rottweiler on the weekend from a friend who is not allowed to take her to their new rental.

Now I know this dog fairly well as her former owner is one of my best friends but I know next to nothing about the breed itself.

She's very overweight, entirely not ambitious but she'll try and keep up on my daily runs (Im only doing about 2-3km now as she tends to tap out at about 3km and I don't want her to not like going) Follows me everywhere even room to room in my house. Unsure of what to make of that...if she's just not sure where she is or if there's a bit of separation worry. Ive only had her since Saturday but she's known me for years as well.

She was owned by the same family from puppyhood so is used to kids etc but they didn't have time to do much with her so she wasn't walked and basically lived the life of a big cuddly ornament for the most part.

Has the very basics of obedience and listens most of the time. Really thinks she should be allowed to retaliate against my suicidal cat.

Her name is Cocobean (she was named by a 1 yr old) I call her Beanie

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