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Puppy barking non-stop during the day

While we are gone at work out new puppy barks a ton. We thought it was for just a few minutes and then he quit (this is what happened when we listen in) but the neighbors claim he will go for hours. I get my brother to come over at lunch to walk and play with him but apparently it isn't helping a lot.

I decided to try the PB stuffed Kong today but after giving the puppy a little taste of PB last night, he woke up this morning with puffy eyes. I thought he was exhausted at first but they were still there some time later.

I guess I'll be trying cheese or almond butter instead now but if anyone has any suggestions please let me know...

To get this out of the way:
-We don't go to him when he is barking or whining, we make him calm down first.
-I play with him in the morning, then my wife does a couple hours later, then my brother does a couple hours later, then my wife does again after work about 3-4 hours later. We try to wear him out but maybe it's not enough. Although he sleeps his butt off during the time we are home. Go figure.
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