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Question 1 year old whelping pups

My one year old Has started whelping her litter of pups. She has had 3 puppies so far and we keep checking in on her in her kennal giving her water and words of encouragement. What else could we do to help her and what type of signs should we look for to know when she is done?

I am Going to be honest. I have no idea what to do or to expect with this process our girl got pregnant unexpectedly. We kept watching for her to go into heat we caught it her first time but I guess we missed her second one. We had no intentions of breeding her. We actually didn't even know she was pregnant until Sunday and I had an appointment with out vet to check her to make sure of our thought that she might be pregnant. I just thank god she mated with our other full blooded German Shepard. Please I do not put me down with this topic I am simply asking for help! Thank you In Advance.
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