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Hello I'm new here!

Hello, I just signed up!

I joined this website to acquire information and to gain support. I was looking at getting a working line German Shepherd and would like to get a dog from a reputable breeder who breeds responsibly and has nice stable dogs. I have done my research and have handled dogs all my life but the only thing that I am not comfortable with is actually approaching the breeder for a dog!

You see, I have a mental disability that makes it difficult to talk to people sometimes. I am great with dogs, that's why I love them because they do not judge my lack of social skills. But the issue is I am not a good speaker and I am daunted by contacting breeders, especially through telephone or meeting them face to face. Email is good because, I can communicate best without getting shy or suffering from my speech impediments. Sadly, I have had bad experiences with breeders in the past because the ones I have contacted were quick to judge and turn me down...

I have looked around once more for a dog and there are a few breeders who seem to have good dogs but I am hesitant in contacting them. Does anyone have any suggestions on how to contact a breeder and to convince them to take me seriously, despite my speech impediments?

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