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My dog is limping after yesterday's long run.

Unfortunately I did not read info about dogs running on paved surfaces and the age they should be able to start running with you. My dog is 11 months old and yesterday i was on a bike and she was running and we did maybe a mile or two on a paved surface. She did well. Just to clarify I am now stopping any running with the bike until she is at least 18 months. Maybe just walks for now. Anyway now today we have noticed she is trying to keep pressure off her front right paw. We checked her paws and there were no cuts or anything sharp there.

We have only done wellness checks at the vet. We rescued her from SPCA. She usually wears a cone around the house or when she is outside because she has been scratching too much due to demodex mange.

My general question is what could be causing her limping? We have only took her on a run one time. We have a grooming appointment on thursday and i will have them double check her paws to see if there is anything i missed. If the problem continues i will take her to the vet.

Second question. Anyone else ever deal with demodex mange? We give her some allergy support pills, benadryl, medicated shampoo, and advantage multi. We have switched to blue buffalo grain free.

I appreciate any help!
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