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Originally Posted by LoveDogs View Post
Dairy products are not the best choice. After feeling nauseated and having times of vomiting, it is best to start with a bland diet that is easy for the body to digest. Crackers, dry toast, white soda, and rice for instance. Then if you are able to hold that down progress yourself to things like chicken in small amounts but no dairy. Then if that is a go, progress to a normal diet in small amounts and eat frequently in those small amounts. Do not sit down and have a normal sized meal. If you also have a temperature of over 101 degrees F. take Tylenol if you are not allergic to it. For low grade (under 101) leave it alone... your body is fighting off the illness. Get plenty of rest, drink plenty of fluids (water and white soda).

I agree. My mom ( the nurse) always gave me ginger ale and saltine crackers. If I could handle that then dry toast or english muffin. My other suggestion is don't eat anything that you wouldn't want to taste if it comes back up. Think bland foods not something like Indian food. And drink lots of fluids.
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