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OK, I found Nikon's info, I'll give it to you since you've seen him in person multiple times and possibly some (crappy) agility footage, so you can kind of mentally gauge what that means as far as what you're pondering.....

At 4.5 years of age he was measured 62cm tall, 30cm chest depth, and 81cm chest circumference.

Things that may relate to movement/agility....
Constitution: moderately robust
Structural characteristics: normal proportions
Bone: moderately strong
Musculature: well developed/powerful
Firmness of front ligaments: very good
Firmness of rear ligaments: very good
Back: firm
Tightness of elbows: very good
Firmness of pasterns: good
Front view: straight
Croup: normal length
Firmness of hocks: good
Gait: front/rear correct, straight
Front reach: very good
Rear drive: effective

"Medium size, medium strong male with good expression and pigmentation, high withers, firm back, nice top- and underline, very good angulations in front and rear and balanced chest proportions. Steps correctly coming and going and shows fluent gaits with free front reach and effective rear drive. Sure temperament; TSB pronounced; does out."

Personally, I'd say Nikon's chest is a tad on the narrower side, but I wouldn't call it *too* narrow. I think he does have quite good length of upper arm, shoulder angulation, and correct open reach and I think having a more correct front places the legs a bit father under the dog, so at least visually, a dog with a more straight front and arms farther forward might make the chest appear a bit wider up top. I would not mind a tad more chest on him (width, not depth), but would rather have his chest than one that is a tad too wide, IMO.

ETA: Actually according to your numbers his chest would be considered on the wider side of the standard. 48% of his height is 29.8cm and his chest was measured 30. However, I'd bet if we measured him 3 times, we'd get 3 slightly different numbers (like 29, 31, 30). The breed survey isn't spectacularly accurate I don't think (that lady that measured our dogs at the Premier seemed to do a much more comprehensive and careful job).

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