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Originally Posted by shilorio View Post
Excactly (:
If you let a working dog have all the love and distractions while on vest he will then think it's okay to focus on other people other than his handler. Which is no good at all!! Because you want your dog to focus on what you need him to be doing (his tasks)
Elios is in training for anxiety and panic attacks so say, when I'm having a anxiety attack he nudges me and distracts me . He knows " deep therapy pressure" which is when he lays on my lap with pressure. It calms people down who are having attacks.
Back to the no touch patches, a lot of people just come up and pet your service dog and it gets so frustrating it really does haha. He gets socialized by seeing all the people and dogs .
And when he isn't on vest he can be a dog and he knows the difference between eat and no vest. (:
This is so awesome c:

Thank you!
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