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Fear, dominance, excitement or aggression??

König, 10 weeks old, is still pretty nippy but not too bad. Usually just catches your hand a little hard while playing or when giving him treats (working on the bite inhibition). When someone comes home he gets pretty excited, my brother and my mother know to tell him to sit, wait til he's calm.. THEN play with him. Then he does his thing, gets excited and tries to play.

But when my father, a very nonchalant character, comes home König will B-Line it to him and go straight for his pants and just keeps nipping at his pant legs Now, my father has little to no interest in König at this point.. so he hasn't played with him much, he doesnt train him like the rest of the family does. Just kind of ignores him. My cousin lived with us for 3 years and had two Morkies.. he didn't know their names after 3 years. I keep telling him that he wont be able to just IGNORE him when hes 80+ pounds. I had König sit once, and my father went to pet him for the FIRST time and König tried to nip at his hand. Hasn't tried to pet him since. Do you think this behavior is being driven out of Fear, dominance, excitement or aggression?
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