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Originally Posted by Zeeva View Post
Oh I'm sure you thought hard about adding a second dog...?

For me, it was more than double the work and although I love my baby girl sometimes I honestly wish I hadn't gotten a second doggie...

When we brought Zeeva home, we kept them separated for a long time (probably a good 3-4 months as Zeeva was a puppy and Smokey was a crazy adolescent). I crated Zeeva and Smokey was usually outside. I had to introduce Zeeva to Smokey with a muzzle on Smokey just in case they didn't get along...luckily it went ok and this was by the time Zeeva was old enough to hold her own ground...

Keep us posted about the 'trial run'! Pictures too please! C:
I would be lying if I told you that we had intentions of adding another dog right at this very moment! It is something that we wanted to do in the future. I specifically had my mind set on an older, female GSD once we were ready to cross that bridge, so to speak. Well, imagine my surprise when my coworker called me up bright and early Sunday morning to tell me that she ran into a friend of hers at a dog show who needed to rehome her 5 year old female GSD ASAP. We drove 2 hours to see her, and we really liked her. So, like the crazy people we are, we decided to give her a go.

We definitely have the resources to add another. I had just planned on waiting until my current dog was a little older. But if I can get everything to go smoothly, then that's not a huge deal to me.
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