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Tips for adding a second dog?

Hi everyone!

I posted about this a bit before, but my husband and I have decided to go ahead and do a 'trial run' with a 5 year-old spayed GSD. We currently have a 1 year old unneutered male GSD mix. He is very bubbly, lovable, excitable, and loves other dogs. The GSD needs to be rehomed because she is getting into fights with a female Aussie who just had a litter (hormones and fur are a flyin'!) The owner assures us that the GSD is great with other dogs. We are hoping that they will be a good match for each other.

Any tips for introductions? I've read to introduce them in a 'neutral' place, so I was thinking of introducing them in a neighborhood a few blocks away on a 'walk' and maybe walking them both back home (with the assistance of my husband.) But then what? If it goes well, bring them back home and keep them separated with baby gates? Crate them both? Help! If it doesn't go well, should we just return her immediately? Of course, we will never leave them unsupervised.

You can probably tell I've never owned 2 dogs at the same time before.
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